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Reduce the stress in your life using these 49 Words.

1. Recall a positive personal event

Bring back a memory of something that solved a problem, made you happier, or more satisfied. Store that memory in your mind so that you can find it easily.


2. Look around. Find a spot for focus.

Pick a spot that is either a little blurry, or has hard boundaries. A spot on fabric, a light switch, a shiny doorknob or a single flower would work.

3. Focus on that spot…inhale…
hold it…
exhale slowly.

Breathe from your diaphragm. Let your shoulders move. Do not strain.

Breathing Meditation

4. Increase focus…inhale…
as you exhale…whisper “Focus”.

End the whisper each time you end the exhalation.

5. Continue breathing…  whispering “Focus”…
until you see
the spot change.

Some people see a change right away; for some it takes a little longer. Increase your focus, and keep on breathing.

6. When the spot has a light halo…recall your event. 

The faint light halo is a sign that you are seeing and thinking with  more concentration and less emotion. Recall your positive memory from Step 1.  Experience it again. Notice a change in how you feel? Calmer? More content?  More lifelike and real?

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49 words here:

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